During the creation of this app, safety and privacy were our number one priority and we take it very seriously. Here we will provide you with some tips on using the app in the safest way, to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Privacy: You have the control over your privacy and personal information. The app itself does not disclose any details you don’t want to share publicly. However Sharood is not responsible for anything that can happen because/during the use of the app.


We understand, that welcoming somebody you don’t know and walking into an unfamiliar environment can be a new and difficult experience. Here is some information to make it easier:

a.) Sharood does not publish your exact address. Instead, it only reveals the area you are in and it is up to you to configure how far away other Sharooders are from you, thus who can contact you. You can choose who sees your post, whether it be your Facebook friends, your peers from your university or Sharooders around you.

b.) Once you do make a connection, it is up to you to share your address and make arrangements with your guest that you are comfortable with.

c.) It is advised to not share your address before communicating with your guest before hand. Sharood gives you the option to contact each other through either Facebook or message, depending on what information you decide to share.

d.) When posting your meal and what you’re cooking, be specific about who you are with.

e.) If this is your first time, we advise you to not cook alone and instead be with friends or relatives when receiving your guest.

How to know who the other people are?

We encourage you to check your guests social profiles before disclosing your address and inviting them over to your home. If you don’t feel comfortable you have the option to cancel your meal post. Don’t rely on one source to find general information about your guest. Calling your guest is the best option, if you feel insecure about opening your home to them.


In the same way, going to someone else’s house can also be a difficult and scary experience. Remember that this app is about reciprocal agreement and that your fear of meeting new people in an unfamiliar environment is probably shared.

1.) Know that usually you will not be the only person invited and that the Chef will have invited friends and other Sharooders as well.

2.) Don’t go alone if you are new to the whole experience.

3.) Just like the Chef, make sure to check your hosts social profiles to have a sense of whether you are going to feel secure and at ease.

For further questions or doubts please contact us at


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